ACA Seal Highlight: Sobery Sarl

Founded in 2013, Sobery Sarl is a cashew-processing factory located in Bouake, Cote d’Ivoire. Site construction and installation of machines was completed in March 2015 with full production starting in June 2015 after the first sale of the year. The factory has an operating capacity of 5,000 TPA and has been a member of the African Cashew Alliance since 2014.


Sobery Sarl’s mission seeks just remuneration of chain efforts and thus supports fair trade. The company is also committed to social projects and has constructed roads to facilitate access to villages and built a water storage system for the village of Nanievogo in Ferké.  


Although relatively new to the industry, Sobery Sarl is open to all markets and continuously seeks the best conditions to benefit not only themselves, but also their suppliers and service providers. The company’s main service is the sale of certified organic nuts, conventional nuts, and raw nuts. Access to finance, raw nut price volatility, and labor and electricity costs have been difficulties in the past for the plant.


Sobery Sarl believes the cashew kernel is a product intended for consumption and as such bad hygiene during processing can be dangerous for the final consumer. Due to this belief, the company was motivated to acquire the ACA Sustainability and Quality Seal. Sobery Sarl believes that being ACA certified indicates the ability to maintain, if not improve upon, hygiene levels. Therefore the company’s Quality Control Manager and his team intend to work ceaselessly to ensure that all quality control systems in place are functioning and adhering to the measures required by the ACA Seal Program.


Having earned the ACA Seal, Sobery Sarl looks forward to gradually increase their production volume and be well positioned to engage in new markets. 


The ACA Seal was created in 2012 and is awarded to processors who meet the highest global standards for food safety and social and labor laws. The ACA Seal ensures cashews are produced within facilities complying with the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act. Additionally, processors who are granted the ACA Seal often acquire other internationally recognized food safety certifications such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and ISO 22000. 


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