Maputo 2015

Setting Sustainable Standards

9th ACA World Cashew Festival & Expo – 21-24 September 2015 Maputo, Mozambique

The 9th annual ACA World Cashew Festival & Expo took place at the Joaquim Chissano International Conference Centre (JCICC) in Maputo, Mozambique from 21-24 September 2015 with over 230 registered participants from 23 countries.

The ACA World Cashew Festival & Expo 2015 was held in partnership with the national governmental body overseeing cashew-related policies in Mozambique (INCAJU), as well as the Mozambican cashew processing association (AICAJU).  The ACA conference serves as a unique opportunity for African and international stakeholders to converge and discuss the African cashew industry's challenges and opportunities. This year's conference theme – "Setting Sustainable Standards" – focused on vital topics such as access to finance and investment, policymaking challenges, as well as market trends in the global industry.

On September 21st, the event commenced with an Opening Ceremony, where five prominent representatives from the government and cashew industry welcomed local and international conference participants. Madame Filomena Maiopue (Director of INCAJU), Madame Georgette Taraf (ACA President), Honorable Guest Mr. Miguel Chissano (cashew processor and brother of the former president of Mozambique), Mr. Alexander Dickie (United States Mission Director of USAID/Mozambique), and His Excellency Dr. Philipp Schauer (Ambassador of Germany) delivered remarks on the positive effects cashew has on the African economy. Honorable Guest Mr. Chissano commented, "It is a fact that cashew alleviates poverty and contributes to the social and economic development of African countries. Cashew nut  as an agricultural commodity should not be overlooked!" Furthermore, all representatives spoke about how sustainability efforts will play a huge role in the African cashew industry.

At the plenary session, the program featured 16 speakers from various companies, like Intersnack, Foretell Business Solutions Pvt Ltd., Richard Franco Agency Inc., responsAbility Investments AG, Root Capital, TechnoServe, Condor Nuts, ETG Mozambique, Le Conseil du Coton et de l'Anacarde (CCA), and several others. This year, there were a total of 18 exhibitors, spanning from 9 different locations, such as India, Ghana, Nigeria, Mozambique, and Côte d'Ivoire.

On the third day, cashew industry stakeholders convened once more at the JCICC for the World Cashew Forum, and business to business meetings (B2B). In the morning, participants split off into 3 thematic breakout sessions on topics ranging from strategies of efficient cashew processing, policymaking opportunities in African cashew countries, and improving access to finance. Over 250 B2B meetings took place during this conference which facilitated important business linkages among ACA members and its stakeholders.

The Executive Committee Elections were also held on September 23rd, 2015. The ACA is pleased to welcome three new members to our Executive Committee, Mr. Ashak Sherriff, Director of Operations of Cajou des Savanes (CASA), Mr. Lars Wallevik, Owner of Mim Cashew & Agricultural Products Ltd, and Mr. Ronald Zaal, Operational Manager of Trade and Development Group B.V. (TDG). The three above-mentioned individuals were elected as Executive Committee Officers. Additionally, Mr. Babatola Faseru will now serve as one of two Vice-Presidents, alongside Mr. Edgar Maokola-Majogo. Madame Georgette Taraf will continue to uphold the role of ACA President for the coming year.

That same evening, the conference culminated with a Gala Dinner, alongside two sensational entertainment performances by the Mozambican dance group Milorho and singer Júlia Mwitu. Final remarks were made by the ACA President, Georgette Taraf who informed all attendees that Guinea-Bissau will host the 10th annual ACA World Cashew Festival & Expo in 2016!

On the fourth day, conference participants embarked on two exciting field trips! This year, delegates were given the option to participate in a leisure trip to the world-renowned Kruger National Park, located in South Africa, or attend an overnight learning trip to a cashew-processing unit in the heart of Mozambique's cashew industry— Nampula province. The following day,  participants received a guided tour of the stunning and historic Mozambique Island.

The African Cashew Alliance is most grateful to our generous sponsors, volunteers, speaker and moderators, as this event would not be possible without their support!

ACA members can see the full list of Festival participants here.

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