ACA Annual Cashew Conference Returns to Benin

The African Cashew Alliance has officially launched registration for the 11th ACA Annual Cashew Conference. This year’s conference will be held in Cotonou, Benin from the 18th to the 21st of September 2017 with the theme “A New Vision for Partnerships and Investments”. 


Expected to attract more than 360 participants, this year’s conference will focus on rebranding the cashew industry through a concentration and evolution of ACA’s activities. Various actors of the cashew value chain will be in attendance and will participate in knowledge sharing forums, practical learning sessions, exhibition, and will have opportunities for business linkages.


Benin is the ideal host country for this year’s conference due to the country’s strategic positioning with greater interest from local government promoting investments in cashew sector while adapting to the evolving industry trends. In the cashew world, Benin is known for the quality of its raw cashew seeds (48-52 lbs.) and has doubled its production in less than a decade, now producing an estimated annual production of 110-130,000 MT. The country is the fourth largest exporter of raw cashew nuts in Africa and exported more than 120, 000 MT in 2016. The cashew sector has taken an important role in the national economy, injecting about 196 million dollars as foreign exchange in the Beninese economy in 2016, which represents 18% of country export revenues. Cashew has subsequently become one of the priority crops for the government. 


As always, sponsors, partners, and contributors as well as many others with a passion for the cashew industry make this conference possible. This platform provides an effective marketing tool as it gives access to a wide range of people, promotes companies, enhances visibility, and creates market linkages. ACA has particularly tailored this year’s sponsorship opportunity to fit the unique needs of each sponsor and has provided exciting opportunities and benefits for all. Please visit our website for more details.