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6 Jun, 2017 by bokam

On the 5th June 2017, the Republic of Ghana represented by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA), signed unto the Consultative International Cashew Council (CICC).

CICC is an international organization with legal capacity and...

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24 May, 2017 by slewin

At a meeting held on the 24th May 2017, in the office of the Ghana Export Promotion Agency (GEPA), the CEO of GEPA, Hon. Gifty Klenam, affirmed GEPA’s support towards the development and regulation of the cashew industry in Ghana.

Setting the agenda for the meeting, Mr. Winfred Osei Owusu, President of the Ghana Cashew Industry Association (CIAG) gave a brief background on the problems...

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22 May, 2017 by bokam

On the 16 April 2017, Ghana Ministry of Food and Agriculture hosted the launch of a trilateral cooperation between Ghana, Germany and Brazil governments. The objective of this cooperation is to improve the quality of research in the development of cashew clones that are high yielding and tolerant to major diseases, pest and well adapted to the local...

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