TOR-MTP Consultant


In its 3rd phase, the project wants to consolidate the achievements, upgrade and reinforce the capacity of local actors and transfer knowledge to partners and target groups. In this context, Market-Oriented Value Chains for Jobs & Growth in the ECOWAS Region (MOVE), with support from ACA, introduced the “Master Training Program” (MTP). 13 editions have been held already in which over 911 experts have been trained between 2014 and 2021. In order to prepare for and deliver the 14th Edition in 2022, the African Cashew Alliance (ACA) is seeking the services of qualified experts to serve in the role of Facilitators for the MTP.

The aims of the MTP are to: 

  • Create a pool of qualified experts on the cashew value chain in West African countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana, also reaching out to other West-African countries - e.g.  Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo, and Mali); and
  • Reach out to East African Countries;
  • Facilitate the regional exchange of knowledge, learning and innovation.

Required profile of the Consultant

  • Should have an experience in adult education, organisational development (Gestalt) and facilitation of large groups.
  • Must have expertise on the above-mentioned topics and understand the cashew value chain.
  • Must have a profound knowledge on process facilitation and have experience in managing a very diverse cultural group.
  • Have experience on training design, concept and implementation; have experience in leading a group of facilitators.
  • knowledge of the Cashew sector and proficiency in English language. (French language is considered an added advantage)

Consultancy description and tasks

This consultancy contract shall cover activities for the following training sessions   




No. of Days*


2nd June to 4th June 2022

Session 1

  1. Data and Meaning Making
  2. Facilitation Skills
  3. Practiced Session Facilitation Skills



27th June to 28th June 2022

Session 2

  1. Climate Change
  2. Farm Economics



27th July to 28th July 2022

Session 3

  1. Monitoring and Evaluation
  2. Facilitation Skills Training (including practical)








*Each session shall have additional 2 days for travel (IN and OUT)

Expected results:

Participants are better equipped with knowledge in the following areas and are able to employ them in their day-to-day activities:

  • Data and Meaning Making
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Practiced Session Facilitation Skills
  • Climate Change
  • Farm Economics
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Facilitation Skills Training (including practical)

Duration of contract:

The contract is spread from 1st June to 29th July 2022 and to be performed in Sunyani in the Bono Region.  Within this period all expected results of the consultancy must be finalized.

Other costs:

  • Per diem, accommodation and transportation shall be provided by ACA
  • Ghanaian Tax Law shall be applied (implying deduction of 7.5% Withholding Tax)
  • Other cost shall appear on the financial offer

Application process

Interested persons should send in their CV/Resumes and a cover letter detailing all their experiences and qualifications relevant to the tasks described. All received applications will be reviewed and scored based on the required profile of the Resources person as described above.

In Addition, the financial proposal will not factor in the initial review and scoring of the applications; only shortlisted applicants will have their financial proposals considered.

Kindly send in all applications to the African Cashew Alliance (ACA) through email:

Kindly note that this Consultancy is for an individual consultant and not a consortium. All applications must be in English, and  must be submitted on or before 23rd May 2022.