Vacancy: Food Safety Auditors (Consultant)

Location: Accra, Ghana


The ACA Quality & Sustainability Seal is an industry-accepted mark that confirms compliance with internationally recognized standards of quality, food safety, social as well as labor standards. The ACA Seal was developed in 2012 with international partners to ensure its compliance with international standards. The ACA Seal signals high quality cashew to the entire industry, enabling processors to enter new markets and attract major customers. Internal monitoring confirms that implementation of Seal reduces rejections and results in significant cost savings for processors. 

 Therefore, ACA intends to execute the current project to rapidly enhance food safety in the factories and to ensure that factories remain compliant with the ACA Seal certification standards and thereby retain their access to the end market. ACA will execute the following activities in collaboration with the factory owners:

1.            Undertake food safety audits towards certification of 8 processing factories (4 factories in Cote d’Ivoire and 4 Factories in Ghana)

2.            Provide training to 24 factory level supervisors (2 in each factory) on food safety issues

3.           Re- audit 4 factories in Cote d’Ivoire with certified ACA Seal

4.            Undertake upgrading training to ACA food safety auditors.

Duties and responsibilities

Being responsible for ACA’s food safety and quality program for African cashew processors, the Consultant will:

1. Implement and audit ACA seal food safety and quality procedures, including trainings and assistance missions

2. Implement, adjust and train processors on turnkey programs for factories, such as HACCP, GMP, Pest Control, Master Cleaning Program, Component Tracing, Recall and Training programs.

3. Define, update and communicate facility and equipment standards to cashew processors.

4. Provide laboratory and technical support for reference samples, non – routine and analytical testing and microbiology support.

5. Implement, audit and provide training on documenting adherence to social compliance requirements under the ACA seal.

6. Recommend and revoke ACA seal approval for factories

7. Draft inspection reports and develop and maintain resources for technical information on cashew shelling and packaging.

8. Draft technical and donor reports and support development of communications relating to the ACA food safety, quality and sustainability seal


1. Eight (8) factories are fully ACA Seal audited and certified based on satisfactory audit

2. Twelve (12) factories are adhering to food safety standards and able to export to the European markets

3. At least 24 factory level supervisors are trained in food safety standards and able to apply their knowledge and skills in the factory

4. Zero rejection of processed cashew kernels by end buyers

Project objective:

Enhancing Food Safety of twelve (12) Cashew Processing Factories in Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana

Position Summary:  Develop and implement systems to ensure African processed cashews meet and exceed customer expectations.  Assure sustainable program enabling continuous success.


Position Description:

  1. Assess cashew processing facilities for food safety and quality systems
  2. Develop facility design and equipment standards
  3. Ensure actions are taken producing a product which is food safe and meets quality standards. Actions are after initial assessment and whenever risks are identified
  4. Develop and issue policies and procedures essential for meeting quality and food safety standards
  5. Develop and communicate quality and safety standards
  6. Prepare and implement training programs and ensure program is sustainable
  7. Establish technical resources for the cashew industry
  8. Plan and implement system audits ensuring processors meet ACA standards
  9. Provide cashew customers with a technical resource and issue resolution
  10. Represent ACA at Technical meetings
  11. Manage succession planning
  12. Provide continuing resource for ACA as needed in the future

Work Plan:

Visit each facility for at least one day to assess programs; determine facility needs and recommend action plans

  1. Ensure facility design standards are based on best processing practices observed in Asian and South American processors.  Customization of recommendations for African processing will be made after facility visits are conducted
  2. Ensure major food safety or quality system gaps observed in plant visits are  addressed immediately
  3. Rank quality control programs at processors
  4. Establish a processor review procedure to assure their involvement in quality program.  User commitment to program is essential for its success
  5. Prioritize procedures and policies for development and review priority list with processors
  6. Develop and implement procedures for food safety and quality
  7. Ensure approved quality standards and food safety standards are communicated to all factories. Visit factories to review program acceptance and support. Extend program into the supply chain where needed for quality and safety
  8. Develop training for Quality Systems, select field trainers at key locations and prepare them to conduct the training at processors
  9. Establish communication link with processors to enable technical support and issue communication
  10. Develop requirements and administration systems for processor’s authorization to use ACA certification and logo
  11. Conduct facility audits


• Proficient in food safety and quality assurance systems with 10 years’ experience in the Cashew Sector

• Proficient in critical controls in cashew processing

• Adaptable to culture and costs limitations

• Ability to travel frequently and remotely

• Very good language skills in English and French


  1. Initial meetings and assessment at ACA
  2. Activities in work plan meeting
  3. Majority of activities to be done in Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana

Other Information: The activities will be done 8 months and weekly and quarterly reports will be submitted to the ACA Management.


How to apply:

Please send your application to  by 17th  January 2023. Please be informed that only selected applicants will be contacted.