The Cashew Regulatory Agency of Guinea Bissau (ANCA) now equipped with a Market Information Service

The African Cashew Alliance, in collaboration with the  PRSPDA / BM (Private Sector Rehabilitation & Agribusiness Development / World Bank project), has provided the National Cashew Agency of Guinea Bissau with a market information service for cashew marketing, which will be fully functional from the 2018 cashew season. 

ANCA's information service will use a number of communication outlets such as mobile phone agencies for the daily dissemination of information on cashew market trends, and community radios in collaboration with technical partners to sensitize cashew market stakeholders at the grassroots, in order to create a transparent market for all. 

Guinea Bissau producers are recognized internationally for the quality of their nuts, which is undoubtedly the best of all, however, they operate in a disorganized and rumor clad national market, thereby causing a malfunction of RCN marketing in Guinea Bissau, which disrupts the entire value chain.

With this new tool, cashew stakeholders in Guinea Bissau will all be at the same level of information from the next market season which is scheduled to be launched in March 2018.

The African Cashew Alliance is honored to be working with the World Bank project PRSPDA and committed to be provide all assistance for the realization of a market information hub which is timely and accurate not only Guinea Bissau but across Africa.