Frequently Asked Questions

Why should processors become ACA Seal approved?

Cost Savings

Implementation of ACA Seal procedures (a proven set of practical turn-key programs) is projected to result in significant cost savings for processors. Assuming a company processes 2,000MT of cashew nuts per year, the ACA Seal can result in more than US$0.042 in cost savings per pound of kernel produced. Even after implementation fees, it is projected that the Seal program will generate a net additional profit of more than US$0.03 per pound.

These cost savings can be broken down into:

  • avoidance of charge-backs due to product damages, cost of treating infestation etc
  • added value, e.g. by optimizing kernel moisture levels
  • general program benefits through improved and efficient quality management procedures
Market advantage

The ACA Seal signals high quality cashew to the entire industry, enabling processors to enter new markets and enjoy established customer loyalty. As processing continues to rapidly grow in Africa, the Seal will play a key role in the relationship between African processors and international buyers. The benefits of being one of the first processors to achieve this level of international industry recognition are hard to quantify but because of the widespread support ACA has been able to mobilize for the Seal program today, now is the best time to get started!

Why should buyers purchase ACA Seal cashew?

Highest Quality

The ACA Seal is synonymous with high quality cashew. ACA Seal cashew is produced in facilities that meet the highest international standards for food safety and social/labor standards. The Seal program examines all systems in place at processing facilities to ensure continuous quality control, rather than relying on random product inspections only. The ACA Seal is also compliant with the US Food Safety Modernization Act and all other regulatory standards.

Eliminate Risk

By selecting an ACA Seal approved supplier, buyers will not lose money or suffer costly supply disruptions due to shipments full of infestation, foreign material, or other common complaints. This eliminates the hassle and cost of charge backs and claims.

Customer Support

Any concerns or needed follow-up will be addressed by ACA on the ground in Africa. The ACA Seal program is administered by experts who are experienced in cashew and familiar with the specifics of the industry.

How can I buy Cashew from ACA Seal-Approved Processors?

Please contact the ACA, aca[@], for more information about how you can begin buying ACA Seal cashew!

I am a processor in Africa, how can I get started with the ACA Quality and Sustainability Seal Program?

Please contact the ACA seal coordinator, Dorcas Amoh, at damoh[@] for more information about how you can begin improving your processing facility!